Sunday, February 1, 2015

Day 32

Plan (Days 29 - 35)
  • Copy and paste every week's goals into the top of each daily blog post
    • Easy and done
  • Whiteboard discipline
    • Plot out the first few hours of my day on the whiteboard every night
    • I must write down the actual TIME I would go and do my run
  • Do NOT sleep past 10pm
    • Failed
  • Think about how to use sites like niice or to create a Spotify or TV-like service
    • I want to be able to glance at these pretty things when I'm bored, kinda like having a TV in the background
    • I want to do this to develop taste, because I don't really use Instagram as much as a lot of other people do
  • Observe and continue releasing it and following already released channels
  • Build a login/accounts system into the boilerplate
    • I have since turned this into the weeklie project itself

So today I am planning to work more on the site. The goal today is to finish the following two features:
  • Setting weekly goals
  • Creating daily entries
Not necessarily all of the connected functionality must be there, but by the end of the day we should have a form for the user to fill out and the data must be saved to the database.

So it seems that I was able to do all that. This is good, but there are so many other little things I have to deal with. On the face of it, it may seem like a simple app, but it is not simple at all. Nevertheless, I feel like I made good progress today. I will continue to work on this, since I have only 3 days until the Beta launch.

What's great is that I already have 2 of my friends agreeing to be beta-testers. For tomorrow, I really need to finish the weekly goals feature. And that means:

  • Build a function that can pull the relevant weekly goals from the DB
  • Prompt the user that it's time to set a new weekly goal
  • Maybe add an expiry date to the weekly goals
  • If I have time, include a weekly evaluation form for the weekly goals
Other features:
  • Adding tags to the daily tasks or goals
  • Making a nice report page, or a blog-style output
That should be much more than I can chew already. Goodnight.

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