Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 11

Here's a video of how to get started into web development. Below is a summary of important points to keep in mind (for myself personally):

  • Are you on the same playing field?
    • SASS/LESS/Stylus
    • Build management systems
      • Bower/Grunt/Yeoman
  • GitHub
  • What text editor do you use?
  • Jquery
    • good with selectors; DOM traversal
    • user events
    • AJAX and CRUD
    • plugins
  • Job history
I also found a really great post from Reddit that led to a great book recommendation:

The book that the guy read was called The 7 Day Startup. And it seems to have good reviews on its ability to get you to simply start and stop waiting and reading this and that. I'll considering buying it since it's priced at only $5. I keep thinking "maybe once I read this book, I'll actually do ..." and it's just not right (look at yesterday's post on a similar topic. However, this got someone with less skills than me to start something in 7 days. So why can't I start something even better in 7 or less days?

There's also this podcast interview of the author. I'm going to listen to it and hopefully get back tomorrow for a better review of his background and his product.

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