Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 28 - Weekly Eval. & Product Launch

Every 28 days, I should be launching SOMETHING. And this first time, it's The last 7 days has felt like it was forever. I can't believe it was only a week. Every single day was packed with things to do, things to learn, people to see. It feels good to know you are productive and making progress though, although it is a little tiring.

I've released my site onto Hacker News, and I am anticipating strong negative feedback. Mostly in the lack of depth of my site and the unviability of my business idea. It may look like a veiled attempt at collecting e-mails, but it really isn't. It's my first app in Meteor and I want it to be good. In any case, I need to remember I should FAIL FORWARD.

Any criticism I get, I will take and see it as an instruction for how to proceed with the next project.

Anyway, let's get to this week's evaluation.

Last Week's Goals

  • Take a look at some of the design-based Instagram accounts
    • I don't look at these as much as I would like to though
  • Plot out my morning routine, at least the first couple hours of it
    • Massive fail
    • I need to write this on my whiteboard
  • Publish two posts on my personal blog
    • I almost didn't make it, I need to copy and paste each week's goals into the beginning of every day's blog post to keep myself reminded of my weekly goals
  • FINISH b4YouGo
    • Felt pretty good
    • Could've done more, maybe added a commenting system? Although the whole accounts thing threw me off quite a bit.


  • Exercised and ran every morning
  • Completed
    • Bought domain
    • Setup e-mail and e-mail collection
    • Added Google Analytics

Needs Improvement

  • Sleeping earlier; waking up on time
  • Do not get stuck in trying a bunch of pre-built solutions
    • Sometimes you just have to buckle down and do it the old-fashioned way
  • If you get depressed or discouraged, reach out to a friend or an online community
  • Do not get cornered into giving yourself this ONE task. If you really can't get that task done, maybe it's because there are more worthwhile tasks to be done.
    • I should've spent more time working on creating an effective landing page rather than learning the login system
    • I can learn the login system afterwards anyway
Plan (Days 29 - 35)

  • Copy and paste every week's goals into the top of each daily blog post
  • Whiteboard discipline
    • Plot out the first few hours of my day on the whiteboard every night
    • I must write down the actual TIME I would go and do my run
  • Do NOT sleep past 10pm
  • Think about how to use sites like niice or to create a Spotify or TV-like service
    • I want to be able to glance at these pretty things when I'm bored, kinda like having a TV in the background
    • I want to do this to develop taste, because I don't really use Instagram as much as a lot of other people do
  • Observe and continue releasing it and following already released channels
  • Build a login/accounts system into the boilerplate

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