Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 14 - Weekly Eval.

Well it's that time again, the time to evaluate my previous week. I know this won't be a very good one because I had been bogged down with a lot of last minute goodbyes as I leave Hong Kong after an extended stay. Being that I'm also travelling today, this post was probably mostly written in the lounge at the airport or on the plane itself.

With respect to taking notes from Canva tutorials, I no longer think that is effective. Developing taste requires a more organic approach and it isn't just a checklist that you keep in your back pocket. I'll still try to complete the tutorials and read their posts on design, but I think looking at top templates from Theme Forest actually help quite a bit.

As with the previous weekly evaluation, let's find out what worked and what didn't work. Point form summary follows below.


  • Built on the Jekyll blogging platform
  • Cut out taking notes on Canva tutorials and over focusing on reading Javascript: The Definitive Guide
  • Used themes as content for learning design taste
  • Read the 7 Day Startup
Needs Improvement

  • I let social obligations destroy my productivity
    • Or to phrase it better, I did not prioritize my work enough
  • Need to really hammer out the Meteor tutorial

Plan (Days 15 - 21)

  • Daily Routine
    • Develop an actual routine
      • Should include looking at ThemeForest/ElegantThemes themes
      • Exercise
  • Finish polishing and launch the adrianmcli blog
    • Also come up with a plan on making regular contributions
  • Meteor tutorials

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