Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 29

Plan (Days 29 - 35)
  • Copy and paste every week's goals into the top of each daily blog post
  • Whiteboard discipline
    • Plot out the first few hours of my day on the whiteboard every night
    • I must write down the actual TIME I would go and do my run
  • Do NOT sleep past 10pm
  • Think about how to use sites like niice or to create a Spotify or TV-like service
    • I want to be able to glance at these pretty things when I'm bored, kinda like having a TV in the background
    • I want to do this to develop taste, because I don't really use Instagram as much as a lot of other people do
  • Observe and continue releasing it and following already released channels
  • Build a login/accounts system into the boilerplate

I have even more hopes for the next 28 days. One idea that I might work on is to create something that can take the place of this particular blog. The things I would like to do to win today is:
  • Brainstorm next site ideas
    • Journaling
    • Design TV
  • Take a look at the accounts system
  • Sleep before 10pm
Let's see what we can do today :)

Well I certainly did make a breakthrough today. I finally figured out how to use the accounts templates. This will save me a LOT of time when compared to writing everything myself. I have a basic idea of how it works, so tomorrow I can really dive into make it part of my boilerplate project.

It's rather simple actually. First, you should clone the project over so you can make changes to it as a custom package. And then when you try to include the form, you have to tell it what state it should be in. Like {{> atForm state='signUp'}}. That's what I was missing this whole time. In any case, I look forward to finishing the accounts system tomorrow as well as perhaps writing a tutorial on how to use it.

I have some ideas for the journaling app, but almost nothing for the design TV. I'm going to have to think about it some more. At any rate, tomorrow I only have one goal:
  • Get accounts working
  • If there is time left, brainstorm about the journalling app and/or the design TV

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