Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 16

I'm adjusting back to the Pacific Time Zone and today I woke up without an alarm at around 5:30am. This is great, but I have to make sure I sleep around 10pm or so if I want to keep this up. This is doable, but I just wanted to write this down so I keep it in mind.

Doing the bed after you get up is actually quite nice, it prevents you from going back to sleep or just lying there and doing unproductive things.

I've been thinking about the Canva tutorials, and I can't really say I'm absorbing much from them. Perhaps it's best that I focus on getting Meteor tutorials out of the way first. In fact, yes. I'm going to make it my ONE FOCUS. I will say that the blog posts on Canva are really great though.

I tried getting around to reading one of the many blog emails I get from various blogs I subscribe ti and I found this quote:
A problem is created when we look at the benefit we want without considering the surest way to get it.
 It's always exciting to be working towards something great, but just like the tennis example I mentioned before, it's important not to be so excited about the benefit that we forget to experiment and try to find the best way to do things. I started off trying to do a lot of very different things all at once and I ended up failing on that. The only time I ever get anything done is by focusing on one thing and one thing only. That's the case with studying in school and also with finishing certain topics or books. I'm pretty sure I would have never finished To Mock a Mockingbird if I was trying to do random tutorials on the side.

More and more, I am starting to realize I need to put 100% focus on Meteor.

Today I wrote a blog post summarizing a video on what Unique Value means.

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