Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 6

No picture today, I didn't do much today so I'll simply recap on a few things.

I'm almost all better from the cold, so that means I need to start kicking things into gear. This cannot come at a more perfect time, because tomorrow is Day 7, and that means it's evaluation day.

Regarding the picture generator I wanted to make, here are some notes from the Canva tutorials I mentioned I'd be taking.

Font Rules:
  • Choose fonts that contrast
    • Bold/Light (Regular)
    • Bold/Script
    • Sentence Case/All (or no) Caps
    • Tall/Short
    • Thick/Thin
    • Regular/Italics
  • Use size to show hierarchy
  • Resize text to fill a shape
  • Experiment w/ letter spacing
  • Experiment w/ alignment

Colour Rules:
  • Bright colours go w/ White
  • Complementary colours are on opposite sides of the colour wheel
  • Monochrome colours are different tones of the same colour
  • Analogous colours are colours close to each other on the colour wheel
  • A Tint is a lighter version of a colour
  • A Shade is a darker version of a colour
  • Do not use more than 4 colours
  • Use a vibrant feature colour to stand out from the rest (maybe neutral colours)
  • Eye-catching graphics only require 3 colours
  • When matching colours to a picture, pick dark, medium light colours from it

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