Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 20

A lot of progress so far. I have learned a lot about Meteor, Foundation, and just making sites in general. I used to say I knew how to make sites because I made some a long time ago, but it really isn't until you get into the habit of doing it do you really get good at it. There's just so much that you need to know off the top of your head. I'm glad I am getting quite comfortable with Meteor's templating system. However, I haven't really done anything interesting in terms of logic, so I don't actually know much about how to make Meteor's logic work well.

Nevertheless, I was inspired by how this guy built his sites in PHP without any database at all, he stores all his data in plain text files as JSON. I'm now pretty confident that trying to normalize a huge complex schema isn't the right way to prototype fast. MongoDB's document model is great for this, and Meteor interacts very well.

There were many times over the past 48 hours or so that had me wanting to quit the travel site project. However, I know that even if absolutely nobody uses it, it's important I get into the habit of FINISHING things. So I am 100% committed to finishing b4YouGo. It's not the achievement or the goal that's important, it's what you become and how the process develops your character that counts.

The person you become in the process is way more important than the goal. Tomorrow is evaluation day, and I have a feeling I might be setting a deadline for completing b4YouGo by Day 28. How exciting!

Things I learned to do today:
- top bar for Foundation
- document modelled denormalization
- sticky footer
- detect scroll
- autocomplete/typeahead

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