Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 26

Today, I worked more on getting my boilerplate down. I spent a lot of time providing access to alter the styling of the header bar. This was perhaps not the best use of my time, and I probably could've left it until I actually needed to change the styling of the header bars in my projects. Nevertheless, my header bars are now highly customizable.

I also started learning a CSS preprocessor known as Stylus. It makes CSS a LOT more readable, and overall it just feels way more efficient and less bloated.

I spent way too much time not being productive. I keep looking at these pre-built login and accounts packages but none of them work quite well. The only one that works well doesn't jive well with my DOM structure and it just messes everything up. I need to just roll up my sleeves and do it myself. I wasted so much time looking for pre-built solutions that I forgot that life is just a series of decisions between the right way and the easy way.

Cheers to tomorrow, I hope I can get an accounts system working by then. And then it's final prep for launch of b4yougo.

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