Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 17

I woke up early today, and ran. It was actually quite nice and I think I will keep it up. I've pushed the alarm to 4:50am now so hopefully I will be able to make 4:30 by the end of this week. The biggest issue I have is getting a place to have breakfast since the McDonald's does not open until 5am on weekdays and 6am on the weekends. I went to Denny's this morning, but the price of the food is several multiples of what I am comfortable with. I should consider cooking.

I had been putting off Meteor tutorials for the longest time, but today I finally sat down and got to it. To my surprise, it was actually a lot more enjoyable and went a lot faster than I could've imagined. As a result, I think I need to keep this in mind for the next time I try putting off something. I think I largely tried to put it off because I knew it would be a long road, but if I always hesitate at the beginning of long roads, then how will I accomplish anything worthwhile?

I've begun cold showers again now that my cold has almost left me completely. It is difficult, yes. But it is nevertheless very invigorating and a good mental test right at the beginning of the day.

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